Useful Resources on Blockchain - Key Companies in Singapore

Below are the Key Companies in the Blockchain industry in Singapore.

If you know of any company we have missed out, or if there is any piece of information which is incorrect, please let us know via the Feedback Form.

Attores is a 'Smart Contract as a Service' platform that allows non-developers (mainly business and institutional clients) to easily write smart contracts for submission and execution on the blockchain. Their aim is to make adoption of such smart contracts quicker by focusing on making end-user experience better.
    Attores enables data and documents to be shared securely, with full traceability and auditability using smart contracts and blockchain technology. This enables businesses to issue data and documents such as contracts, receipts, and claims in a way which can be shared with outside parties who can then assign additional fine grain access or viewing rights to the data.
Blockchain Foundry      
Blockchain Foundry is an enterprise Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service and App Marketplace. It provides enterprises and fintech entrepreneurs with the necessary infrastructure to quickly design, test and deploy distributed ledgers. The goal is to offer a lab like environment to help organizations test-drive blockchain applications and experiment with the technology in a low risk, safe-to-fail setting. Blockchain Foundry is a part of the Singapore government's SGInnovate ecosystem.
Bluzelle is a financial network built upon blockchain technologies. Bluzelle accelerates financial prosperity through a suite of products that brings new customers to financial services companies. It's next-gen technology connects mobile wallets across different countries allowing for faster and cheaper payments. Bluzelle's KYC system enables faster on-boarding of new customers.
CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins. Based in Singapore, CoinHako offers the first insured Asian Bitcoin Exchange in Southeast Asia starting in 2015. Apart from bitcoin wallet and trading services, CoinHako provides blockchain consulting services including advisory & workshops in Singapore.
    CoinHako's engineering team is also focused on innovations in Bitcoin's underlying technology, the Blockchain. They have built tools to detect suspicious/fraudulent transactions and trace them back to the source for further action by relevant authority. The technology was awarded a winning position at the inaugural Blockchain hackathon organized by DBS Bank in Singapore.
CoinPip is a B2B money transfer service leveraging on blockchain technologies for faster transfer speed, and cheaper rates. It helps businesses send payments and payouts to remote workers using blockchain technology as a payment rail.
Founded in March 2014, DXMarkets provides a seamless experience for companies to join Capital Markets 2.0 and benefit from reduced costs, real-time settlement and transparency. They leverage blockchain technology to help companies issue Digitally eXchanged (DX) financial instruments, resulting in an efficient and seamless underwriting process which brings investors and issuers together.
KYC-Chain is a novel platform built over the conveniency and security of blockchain and smart contracts technology, allowing banks and financial institutions to manage KYC (Know Your Customer) data in a reliable and easy manner.KYC-Chain provides consensus on identity of individuals at the highest level of trust, bringing a new level of ease and simplicity to the process of onboarding new customers for businesses and financial institutions, while securing the verification of compliance standards.
Open Trade Docs reduces errors, bottlenecks and fraud risks in trade finance by creating digital, non-repudiable, original documents, and complementing paper originals with unique digital copies. Both digital-paper and paper-digital pairs have full lifecycle and audit trail. By using private blockchains, participants remain in control of all data and access rights instead of relying on a third party.
Otonomos allows companies to incorporate online on the blockchain company shares are written as digital tokens on the blockchain, held in a cryptographic wallet, transferable peer-to-peer and programmable similar to software.
Tembusu Systems Pte Ltd. develops TRUST framework that is a high-tech global infrastructure that lets verified individuals transfer and manage assets instantly and securely. The company offers TRUST, a distributed blockchain technology for exchange and personal asset management that allows people to use it for various purposes, including a cryptocurrency, a shopper rewards program, an in-game economy, and anything that needs a record-keeping system. It provides its solution for businesses, governments, and people. Tembusu Systems Pte Ltd. was formerly known as Tembusu Terminals Pte Ltd. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Singapore.
Toast is a subsidiary of Sigma X PTE Limited, a blockchain based money transfer app that allows migrant workers in Hong Kong and Singapore to remit money home. Toast offers money transfer options to the Philippines where a user can send money for cash pick-up at over 7000 locations in the Philippines or directly transfer to another TOAST wallet. Toast was earlier known as Cryptosigma.

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